I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve just renewed the domains tamara-braun.com and tamarabraun.org for another year. So I’ll still be here for all you Tamara fans to come and see what’s going on and anything regarding Tamara’s film, television or stage work. Be safe friends, I’m not going anywhere.


    1. CR:

      That’ll be enough of that frivolity. LOL!!!! Glad I could illicit that kind of response there CR. Good to know you’ll still be on board.


  1. Thanks Dianne love checking in to your web page..sometimes more than once day…for news on Tamara..Thank you again.

    1. Noreen:

      It’s been my pleasure to bring all the news on Tamara to you and her fans. As one of my longtime visitors, I’m so glad to hear from you. Thanks.


  2. Has anyone heard how. Tennessee in the Summer went the first two nights? Would of given anything to see it.But am here in the Midwest.

    1. Cindy:

      I’ve been scouring the internet for reviews but so far all I’ve found are other productions, not Tamara’s. Like you I’d have killed to see this. I live in Eastern Canada and it would have been too cost prohibitive to even attempt it. I’ve got the call out to my California visitors for any newspaper articles on it. Hopefully my plaintive call will be heard.


  3. Thank You for looking into it.I’m here in South Eastern Wisconsin.Right now Vacation time wasn’t a happening thing. Too busy at work. I appreciate your looking into it. 🙂

    1. Cindy:

      It was my pleasure. Hope your vacation is going well. Just sit back and enjoy the time off. Have fun.


  4. Wonderful news!! We are blessed to have such a devoted Tams fan!! Thanks for everything you do Dianne! Much appreciation!

    1. TTam:

      You’re more than welcome. As I said, I’ve reupped and everything is all set for another year.


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