“Days of our Lives” 12/10/2015 ….. The Mrs. Robinson Edition

I’m going to add a bit of humour when I make these posts. I’ve been doing the same over at my site for Stephen Nichols in adding a funny or ironic end to the post title. This time it’s The Mrs. Robinson Edition because all during Ava’s scenes today with Joey (James Lastovic) all I could hear playing in my head was Simon & Garfunkle’s “Mrs. Robinson” from the Dustin Hoffman film The Graduate. And what was that hand on the lap move there Ava? Joey’s sixteen and Ava is old enough to know better, but I have a feeling she’s leading him on. Right now I don’t even have a clue as to what Ava’s angle could possibly be, but whatever it is Tamara’s working it. Second day back and she’s killing her scenes. You can’t tell if she’s a baddie or a good girl. All in the craft.

  • [320] SCREENCAPS: DAYS OF OUR LIVES 12/10/2015

3 Comments on ““Days of our Lives” 12/10/2015 ….. The Mrs. Robinson Edition”

  1. Naughty lady!!! Except that if Kayla found her doing this to her son, I think it would be cause for a very very *very* serious discussion…or b*eep* slap! 😉

  2. Loving Tamara back on our screen. I was thinking the same, what was Ava doing with the hand on the lap? Lol. I’m excited to see what happens.

    1. Oh CeRon:

      I agree. Tamara looks amazing and yes, Ava! You shameless vixen you. Anyone have a feeling there might be a bit of a “Graduate” thing coming?

      Thanks for commenting.


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