Tamara – 2018/04/25 “General Hospital” Media

Here’s today’s media. Tamara’s scene at the elevator with Finn (Michael Easton) was cute. I also loved her with Drew (Billy Miller). Though like I’ve said before I’m still seeing her as Carly. And when she’s on the old sets like Kelly’s I yearn for her to be Carly again. Can’t help it. A bit of information about Thursday and Friday. I have been undergoing therapy for the vertigo I still suffer from. I have rehab tomorrow and then on Friday my partner and I are going to see The Avengers: Infinity War. We plan on going to dinner first then the movie. I likely won’t be home until later so if Tamara is on I won’t have everything up until later Friday night. That is Friday’s episode. Thursday’s if Tamara is on will be up when I get home from rehab.

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