BREAKING :: Tamara To Return To “Days of our Lives” As Ava

According to Soap Opera Digest, Tamara is returning to DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Ava Vitali. This might have something to do with the return of Lucas Adams as Tripp. Here’s hoping our girl gets to do more than be a villain this time around. I’m hoping they return Ava to her 2008 post-psychosis roots. I’m also hoping we might have something to do with another little one considering she and Steve (Stephen Nichols) were together. I will be recording and screencapping for the site. I’ll have more to say in a future post, but I will be returning to regular updating. A lot has been happening of late and I’m trying to get back into the swing. So here we go for another round of Ava.

Exclusive! Tamara Braun Back To DAYS.

September 2, 2020 3:10PM

Emmy-winner Tamara Braun will be reprising the role of presumed-dead Ava Vitali, Digest is reporting exclusively in the new issue. Look for her to factor into Tripp’s story now that Lucas Adams is also returning. “Tamara Braun [Ava] is coming back and that’s important, not only for Steve and Kayla, but for her son, Tripp, and others to be determined,” previews Executive Producer Ken Corday. “Mr. Carlivati [head writer] has a big story there. It’s exciting.” For more about Braun and all of the changes DAYS has planned now that it’s back in production, pick up a new issue, on sale Friday.

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  1. THIS! THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! Josh Griffith, Dena Higley and Beth Milstein had Tamara Braun in the palms of their hands, and they freakin’ ruined her. I am hoping that this is not a “ghostly,” short-term return and that it has long-term potential, because Braun is juicy in the role of devious Ava Vitali. Am hoping this works out, because after her last daytime tenure, we need some juicy Braun material.

    With that being said, I still wish she had been cast as Victoria Newman in 2005. But Ava Vitali is perfect, and I am hoping that Ron Carlivati and his team can do something brilliant; I keep imagining Ava as how Eileen Davidson portrayed Kristen DiMera in her 2012 return: tortured, devious, and, yet, relatably warm.

    1. Joel:

      I agree. I’m not entirely too optimistic even Calivati will know what to do with her. Considering all the exits and that there has been no intent to have her interact with Steve (her main reason for being there) in a full throated effort to give her material worthy of her status. I’m also hoping they retcon that ridiculous “rape” crap and redeem her somehow. If Ben a serial killer can be redeemed, then hell yes so should Ava. I do not want a retread of her last visit in 2015-2016. I do not want her bonkers again. There’s no use in doing that again. Tamara can do a lot with so little. Let her do it. Kneecapping her doesn’t help her. It only makes her hated and that’s what’s going around now. There also just seems to be this effort to sort of wipe her from the message boards. I feel that’s because she threatens their favourites. What gets me too is when even I loose patience for screencapping and clipping, it says a lot. I just don’t have the stomach to see once again, Tamara underused with a suck ass story that is not worthy of her. I just don’t like that element of this all. It happened the second go around on DAYS as Taylor. As Reese on AMC, second go as Ava, then as Kim on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Either make the effort or doing bring her back.

      As for playing Victoria, personally I would rather see her in a brand new role if she ever did go to Y&R. While I’d love to see her working with the likes of Eric Braeden, I would much rather have her back on GH as the one and only Carly Corinthos. If they do go the route of having Ava as you described Kristen, I’m all for it. Given they’re bringing Tripp (Lucas Adams) back, I’m truly hoping this bodes well for having her not looney.

      Thanks for your comment.


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