Tamara – 02/12/2021 “Days of our Lives” HD Screencaps & Media

Here are the screencaps and media from Tamara’s latest DAYS OF OUR LIVES episode. Girl’s upgraded to some fancy jammies and had herself a mani/pedi (likely). I’m just loving her work with Mike Manning (Charlie Dale). They’re so good together and they’re so on par with each other’s skills. Too bad the rumours of Charlie being killed off is making the rounds. Hell if Ben (Robert Scott Weston) a serial killer can be redeemed, why not Charlie? Ah well, it’s a soap opera. Oh, loved Tamara’s slapping herself when responding to Charlie’s menacing.

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  1. I’m ready for Tamara Braun to get up out of the hospital bed and room! She’s been there since December 2020, and I need to see some fashionable, powerful Ava parading about Salem! I will also say the post-production value on Monday was a vast improvement from the past. Hopefully they’re trying to ensure it is of better quality.

    As for Charlie Dale, much like the character of Ben Weston, he is irredeemable to me. Time for him to go!

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