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I know it’s been a long time no see. I also know the site for a long time was basically in a jumbled mess in terms of pictures not showing in the gallery, videos not playing, the media section down completely, the press section not working, etc. Last year I was informed by my former host that my account would be terminated due to how large this and other sites of mine grew to. This despite the fact I was paying them for the space. I had to then find a new host and transfer the site. Given how big this one is with all the components, it was a daunting task. One I wasn’t looking forward to. Apparently once portions of the site were moved, the new host had a failure on one of the servers. The one this one was on. I had to reupload from the backup I had and nothing was going right including the connection from my laptop to the server. Did I say ghosts in the machine? The site remained dormant for this time.

With Tamara’s work on DAYS OF OUR LIVES as AVA VITALI a daily event, I became burned out with trying to keep things up-to-date, and my recording device died on me. Also I just cannot get into soaps anymore. I know that’s Tamara’s bread and butter, but I can’t take all the demon possession storylines, and if truth be told I don’t like her storyline. Running a site has its pluses and minuses, and one of those minuses is when the webmaster doesn’t like the thing the subject of the website is on. Namely: I don’t like Ava being out of Steve’s sphere. Plainly I’m an Ava and Steve shipper. I want them to have been given a chance and I’m tired of the “Ava raped Steve” stuff. I don’t like that Ava’s backstory has been shifted around to the point it makes little sense for the actual timeframe she’s been on. I know that’s the nature of soap operas, but at some point they’ve got to make sense. Otherwise it’s a lot of eye rolling and holding ones nose. Another thing that has taken up a lot of my time is I’m writing my first novel. The researching has taken a lot of time and I’ve also been battling a health issue not COVID related, and some personal issues I will not go into.

Now onto the update: I’ve managed to get the main site and gallery back up. Everything is all smoothed out and working normally. I’m in the process of trying to get the media/video section back up and working. I’m having to upload the videos in batches because the server times out if I try to do them all at once. I hope to have the media section back up within the next few days. I had an issue with trying to get the online content software working hence the on-again-off-again nature of that section. I’m in the process of transferring the press section to a different method based on the rest of the site and the new theme I’m using throughout. This will make the site a little more streamlined and make my job a little easier. This again will take some time, and I’m sorry about that. I’m also trying to establish a good filmography section that will take into consideration Tamara’s full body of work.

That’s about it for now. My apologies for not having been present and for not updating you on the status of the site. I hope this helps to try to explain what’s been happening. As for now, take care and be safe.

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    I completely understand your point of view re: soaps. They pale in comparison to their former glory days… and it’s because not a single one is taking the necessary risks in the stories they’re telling, and it’s a disappointment. But I am happy you’re back in action!

    1. Joel:

      Thanks for understanding. I think what just makes me so torn is that I love Tamara, but I am really getting to despise soaps. I also hate the corner Ava has been written into. I really wanted a good storyline with TAmara and Stephen. The reason Tamara first came to DAYS OF OUR LIVES was to act alongside Stephen. We got that in 2008 when she first debuted as Ava, however, they shifted her to John and Marlena. Then when she came back in 2015/16 Ava was back to being nutty with no explanation of why. Then they killed her off. So we come this go-around. There were so many OTHER ways they could go with Ava. Have her have amnesia after what Joey did to her and her not remember the bad things she did. Rewrite the table, so to speak. I mean they had the perfect chance to give an actual go for a good storyline with Tamara and Stephen with Ava perhaps thinking she and Steve were married. Instead they keep up that ridiculous Ava raped Steve nonsense. I wrote a blog post about it you can find here: WHEN IS IT RAPE?. Would love your feelings on it.

      As far was what you said about those risks, I mean would it have behooved them to split Steve and Kayla up for a bit and allow Ava and Steve without all that other crap? Obviously not. I just have no interest in watching them anymore. And I can’t pretend I enjoy them. I mean Tamara’s last go-around on GENERAL HOSPITAL. All they did was cut, copy, and paste Ava to Kim Nero and once again made Tamara’s character hated and a pariah. That’s no fun for someone like us who love her and have to put up with scraps.

      I’ll be doing any and all event images, and screencaps for any of Tamara’s other work. I just cannot keep up with her soap work anymore. And I’m sorry about that.


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