Tamara – 09/06/2023 “Days of our Lives” HD Screencaps & Media

It’s gotta be said, that was the worst escape I think I’ve seen on a soap opera. Where was all the extra security. It’s supposed to be an asylum. It also has to be said, I’m not liking this version of EJ. Dan Feuerriegel is an amazing actor, and I do like his version, however, the blatant inconsistencies in the storyline is very jarring. What I mean is that EJ was very sympathetic to Ava back in 2008 when James Scott played him. Do the writers forget he was Ava’s lawyer? I do hope Ava and Harris (Steve Burton) do become an item. Though I’m still seeing Carly and Jason. Is it okay to want them back on GENERAL HOSPITAL playing those roles? Oh, and there’s a commercial for the series Chesapeake Shores in the video. The reason is because I couldn’t bear to leave it out. The late actor, Treat Williams who just passed this June 12, is in it. He played the part of family patriarch, Mick O’Brien. If you loved Treat’s work, or would love to know more about him, please feel free to visit the site. Rest in Peace dear sir.

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