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Season 3 of SAVING GRACE is now available on DVD. Tamara played the part of Renee Ellen, though I haven’t found anything more of her in latter episodes apart from E3X09: That Was No First Kiss and E3X09: Looks Like a Lesbian Attack To Me. I’ve seen the subsequent episodes of SAVING GRACE and found no Tamara in any of them. Sorry I have no other news on this and no screencaps. You can find SAVING GRACE at any place that sells DVDs and online. Also, no news on what Tamara’s been up to of late. All I know is that Debby O’Connor, Tamara’s fan club president, has promised to email both me and Tamara’s fan club mail list with anything new. So for now, we’re still on hold. Sorry I don’t have anything new to report. I’m also working on a new layout. I’ll keep you posted.


So sorry that these are late, but there’s been a lot going on in my life of late. My mom’s not been to good and I’ve been taking care of her. Here are the screencaps and media for Tamara’s latest outing as Renee Ellen on SAVING GRACE. I have also heard that the show has been cancelled. You can read it over at TVREMOTECOM. Seems the hour-long drama is going by was of the Edsel and the albatross. Seems our girl can’t get a break. With FREDDIE being cancelled after its first season, and now SAVING GRACE, I”m hoping Tamara gets something else…soon! The clip is over at OBSCURE MEDIA and is also available in the sidebar under “Featured Video”. Enjoy.  [ 070 ] SCREENCAPS RENEE ELLEN: SAVING GRACE — E3X09 LOOKS LIKE A LESBIAN ATTACK TO ME  [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: SAVING GRACE — E3X09 LOOKS LIKE A LESBIAN ATTACK TO ME


I know, there’s been a serious lack of updates here other than the design change (which may or may not be permanent), but there’s been a lot going on in my life of late that’s been unavoidable. There’s been some illnesses in my family between myself, my partner and my mother, it’s been hard to be on the computer. I’ve tried to keep up with Tamara’s latest works with appearances and such. I have a lot of images to update as far as stills from her work on ALL MY CHILDREN and new publicity images, plus a lot in terms of updating the PRESS section and OBSCURE MEDIA to try …. try to clear off the backlog on my computer to store in external sources. So please, bear with me for now. I’ve managed to get a copy of Tamara’s latest work on SAVING GRACE as Renee Ellen. Considering it doesn’t air here in Canada, I’ll likely have HD images in the gallery from the third season DVD release before it even airs on regular television here. I’ve also gotten a hold of Tamara’s two UN-HAPPILY EVER AFTER episodes where she played Nell and Lacy. The clips are now up at OBSCURE MEDIA for you to see. The quality isn’t all that great. The channel I recorded them off of doesn’t have the greatest reception despite it being an HD station. But beggars can’t be chosers. I’ve also updated teh FREDDIE channel on OM with all four of Tamara’s episodes from FREDDIE as Rose, the Baker. I’m wondering if Rose would be a good fit for Damian Lewis’ character Milo in the film THE BAKER?


According to Tamara’s fan club president, Tamara has landed a recurring role on the TNT drama SAVING GRACE starring Holly Hunter. I’ll just post what Debbie O’Connor said in her email and leave it at that. I’ll have something new up this weekend. Keep an eye out. And congratulations Tamara. Announced today by Tamara Braun’s fan club president, Debby O’ Connor, Tamara has landed a role on the original series on TNT, Saving Grace. The role of Renee Ellen is a recurring role on the popular weekly series, starring Emmy award winner, Holly Hunter.Tamara Braun probably most known as Carly Corinthos on ABC’s General Hospital, she has also portrayed other roles on popular daytime dramas including Ava Vitali on Days of Our Lives, and most recently, Reese Williams, girlfriend of Bianca Montgomery’s (Eden Reigel), on ABC’s All My Children. Tamara is no stranger to primetime serials either, she has appeared on such primetime shows as Freddie, House M.D., CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, Ghost Whisperer, and Without A Trace.Details regarding Tamara’s new role on Saving Grace are not known at this time. More information will become available shortly.Saving Grace can be seen every Tuesday night at 10PM EST. on the TNT Network.