These are late getting up. I did clip, cap, convert and upload all with the intent of getting them up on time. The obstacle: Being invited out by a friend.I know I’ll garner a lot of ire from the Bianca fans, but can I state that I’m tired of her constantly reminding Reese how she lied, lied, lied! Asking whether Reese is bi-sexual or if she had sex with other men I thought was terribly out of line. I think what is bothering me is this, if Reese talked to Bianca the way Bianca is talking to Reese, I would bet that Tamara would be out the door faster than a cat in heat. My issue is that how much longer do we have to put up with this? It’s not that I don’t understand the need for it. Certainly it’s that good old standbye excuse, ‘storyline dictated’. Well, stop already. As a Tamara Braun fan, it’s getting tiring. I think I said this before, if I truly want to hear Tamara apologize every other day, I’ll yank out my GH edits and watch Tamara as Carly, grovel to Sonny. I thought this story was going to be told with maturity and with truth. The only truth I see is that of Bianca constantly incredulous that Reese hasn’t told her every single nook and cranny of her private life. I’m half expecting her to ask Reese the results of her last pap smear! Reese had that romantic evening planned for the love of her life, and all that love of her life could do was interrogate Reese. Yeah, real romantic! Chuck Pratt Jr., enough already! I’m tired of it all and please, no more relatives of Reese’s for Bianca to charge off to righteously confront. It’s about time that Reese/Tamara got the storyline that is worthy of her. And not one that she has to constantly apologize for. If this is Reese, I feel it’s more Ava/Carly…rinse, repeat! Just a note, THE TED KING PORTAL is now online and ready for use. With Ted’s upcoming stint on PRISON BREAK coming up, I worked to get the bare bones up so I could begin to chronicle Ted’s role of Downey. Really looking forward to that. Do you think he could put in a good word for Tamara on the show. Could Downey have a wife FOX hadn’t thought of? (snaps fingers) Darn it! [ 334 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 12/17/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 12/17/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN”


Once again, I’m tardy with the update. Computer troubles plus some issues with converting the raw video file to be able to clip it up to add to OBSCURE MEDIA. Also with getting dinner and other stuff ….. Onto today’s episode. Eden Riegel and Bianca fans, you might want to look away for this post. Can I say that Bianca is an obsolute wraith? Along with yesterday’s episode where she asked Reese, “What’s wrong with you,” and today’s badgering about issues that had nothing whatsoever to do with her life after Reese met Bianca. Just because someone is as open as Bianca was about her sexuality as well as her prior relationships, doesn’t mean others have to be. Reese didn’t want to tell Bianca about Simon and that should have been it. Also, it was none of Bianca’s business whether Reese and Simon slept together. That’s part of Reese’s past. And instead of understanding Reese’s position on her parents by saying something, oh I don’t know, supportive like, “After meeting your father, I can see why you didn’t want to tell me about them. He was totally unable to understand anything outside his own world.” But instead what did Bianca do, she badgered Reese to the point that once again, with shades of General Huspital’s Carly, Reese was reduced to apologizing profusely about something that Bianca injected herself into. Now of course, there’ll be strife again later this week when Reese and Zach (Thorsten Kaye) reveal to Bianca what they know about Kendall’s condition. So once again, Reese will be reduced to the requisite prostrating. Tell me again why as a Tamara/Reese fan, I should be happy? My hope is that Chucky Pratt Jr. doesn’t continue this much longer. It could get tedious.BTW: The preview for this week is tacked onto the end of the clip plus you can find it in the FEATURED VIDEO in the sidebar to the left. [ 219 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 12/15/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 12/15/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN”Preview Week of 12/15/2008


As you can see, I’ve changed out the banner for the holidays. When I saw Tamara wearing that elf hat, I thought to myself that I just HAD to do something with it. Tamara looked just too cute with that on to not do something. I hope all is well with Tamara’s fans and you have the greatest Christmas ever. This banner will remain up until after New Year’s, during which time, I’ll be working on a fresh new banner for 2009. Not sure I’ll change the colours. I love the feel of these too much. As most of Tamara’s fans know, Tamara just looks stunning in red, or shades of. I do hope you stick around though and see what will be coming in the New Year. If anyone is wondering why Rudolph is in the picture, I remember Tamara telling the story of when she was a kid, sneaking downstairs to see “Rudolph’s Shiny New Year” on television, but being ordered back to bed by her mother. She said later she bought the tape and would watch it whenever she liked. So Rudolph is for Tamara…I also think she kinda looks like him a bit…the big eyes, the brown hair, red nose. :smile:I’m also working on getting the remainder of Tamara’s scenes on ALL MY CHILDREN completed and uploaded to OBSCURE MEDIA. I will update when those are done. JUST A REMINDER: This upcoming week is supposed to be a good one for Tamara’s character of Reese. Keep glued to the television.


AKA: TAMARA OBSCURA, THE OMNIBUS EDITIONFirst off, I really need to apologize for not getting these up yesterday. I went Christmas shopping and also took some personal time for myself. I also was able to obtain some new additions to the press section for you. So please understand. What to say about today. I am thrilled with the calibre of acting Tamara is getting to do. Finally, we got some gravitas to Reese’s character. I was beginning to think this was another one of those Dena Higley situations where the head writer was only interested in Tamara’s character only when it meant something to one of the what could be called ‘main’ characters. Frank Runyeon was just incredible. I really got the feeling of that loss on both Reese and Forrest’s sides, though naturally I side with Reese. Once again Tamara got me crying. What is it about that women that when she brings on the waterworks, my emotional barometer goes up? I also thought her scenes with Eden as Bianca were in proper, though I’m not going to want to ‘be there’ when the shoe drops about what she knew about Kendall’s (Alicia Minshew) condition. Though in my opinion, that should fall solely on Zach (Thorsten Kaye). He’s the one who’s sworn Reese to secrecy. Of course, this is my opinion only. [ 381 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 12/12/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 12/12/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN” NEW: Reese’s Past Haunts Her!


My apologies for not having these up earlier. For some reason, Murphy’s Law hit me with a vengence today. I had problems with my computer and with website’s host and couldn’t log in to either my file manager, nor my FTP program to upload the screencaps to the server. Then mundo trouble with getting the episode clipped up. I forgot a whole section and had to go back and reclip. So, that’s my case. As for today, I loved the scenes with Bianca (Eden Riegel) and Miranda (Haley Evans) today. If I haven’t said it before, I adore little Haley. She has such a presence to her and knows how to do her stuff. To say I’m impressed, woutd be cutting Haley short. Ii was really glad that Reese told Zach (Thorsten Kaye) she was tired of lying to Bianca. Thank you Chuck Pratt for finally giving us Reese’s side of this and her not wanting to hurt Bianca. While I understand Zach’s not wanting to hurt Bianca and Erica (Susan Lucci), lying to them about Kendall’s (Alicia Minshew) condition won’t help. But hey as Eric Braeden (Victor Newman; Y&R) once told me when I wrote to him, it’s a soap…nothing stays the same long. Ain’t that the truth.Head’s up for tomorrow: Frank Runyeon comes to town as Forrest Williams, Reese’s father. I can hardly wait to see Tamara and Frank as father and daughter. [ 194 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 12/11/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 12/11/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN”


Well, I’ve gone and done it. I decided to add a comment feature to the homepage updates. I really hope you like it. It’ll be the best way I can find out what you like or don’t like about the site in real time. I’m really jazzed about this because it’s new for me and TAMARA OBSCURA. Please feel free to leave a comment, a good casserole recipe, or just a smiley.On to today’s show. I really love the maturity at which Tamara’s playing Reese. She’s a complex character dealing with so much at once and Tamara’s ability to move through those complexities within the character is to say the least, a lesson in what acting is all about. Her scenes with Zach (Thorsten Kaye) in the cabin shows Reese really is agonizing over the secret he’s asked her to keep from Bianca. We truly see Reese’s conflict. I’m really looking forward to Tamara’s scenes with Frank Runyeon as Reese’s father, Forrest Williams. And we just know that the secret about Kendall is coming out soon. As usual, the video clip is up at OBSCURE MEDIA. And prior homepage can be found here: Prior Updates.