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I wanted to say that I’ll be answering the comments from yesterday a little later. I was with my mom all day today and I’m tired. Still have that intestinal thingy that’s just sapping my energy and for some reason, I’m really tired. So please forgive my not answering. About today: What has Reese done to Kendall that the latter had the timerity to adopt that glowering look at a woman she knows next to nothing about? Heck, she was also glowering at Gabby…she’s a baby for crying out loud. Can this story be anything else buy in the about face? I’m getting to the point where I really want this all to be over. Why on earth set up this same-sex story then drop the ball in the bottom of the ninth with bases loaded? It makes no sense and what makes me particularly angry is that all of this is going to land solidly on Ava….er, I meant …. Reese. Sorry for the stammer but this is Days of our Lives all over again. All hate and vitriol is being aimed squarely at Tamara’s character Reese and no one else will take the fall for this one but her. It’s nonsensical and I blame only one person: Charles Pratt Jr. This storyline is moving far too quickly. Kendall is home too soon and the spoilers coming up that Kendall and Zach want Reese and Bianca out of Pine Valley and back to Paris after the wedding. What right do they have in asking this? Even if the other spoiler I read that states that it’s only Kendall, who is she to demand this? Seriously, this storyline is just so convoluted one would likely need a scorecard to keep it all straight. Rant over!

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  1. Deborah W. says:

    Being a long term admirer of Tamara's work since she began on GH, I have to say I agree with your disappointment about this storyline. It is a letdown not of Tamara but of the writer(s) that this has been allowed to flop. But then, this is afterall, a soap. I guess the PTB figure whatever goes for them is sufficient, expectation bedamned. Tamara has done her very best though, and credit to her yet again that she is such a person of integrity and works hard no matter what. Great job on your site!

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