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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: January 24, 2012
There is a ton of speculation on the net that GENERAL HOSPITAL is going to be cancelled and the announcement will be coming as early as March. So here’s the deal there. We all know Ted King is coming back as either Alcazar (I hope) or as Tomas with the news that the Mannings are transferring from Llanview. So here’s what you need to do as Tamara’s fans. Ron Carlivati has a Twitter account. Start bombarding him with requests to bring Tamara back. Here is his Twitter account:

@carlivatiron Twitter. Let’s see what we can do to get Tamara back as Carly and clean up what Guza, Pratt, Phelps, Frons and Wright did to this once great character.

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  1. SARA, 24 January, 2012:

    Please bring Tamara Braun back as carly she was thethe best caely so i hope they bring her back.

  2. tamara obscura, 27 January, 2012:


    I agree. Tamara brought a grace and a maturity to the part. I miss her terribly.


  3. Jacqui Deacon, 27 January, 2012:

    Question- if Ted comes on while the Mannings/McBain are there with Sonny Corinthos, Jason Morgan, as well as the Quatermaines, wouldn’t there be a confusion? How would they explain how much Tomas/Alcazar look a-like?

    Not sure what the deal is with Wright other than that she and Ted worked together on Loving. I remember them then, so many light years ago.

  4. tamara obscura, 27 January, 2012:


    Good question. I am hoping Ted’s coming back as Alcazar. Tomas is a good character but this is GH not OLTL. He should come back as Lorenzo. JMO.

    As for Wright, I have no idea why they didn’t gel as Lorenzo and NotCarly. I did have hopes for Wright but for some reason, she felt the need to diss Tamara’s version at every chance she could and more or less decided to obliterate any and all progression Tamara brought to the part in a petulent belief that the only valid portrayal of Carly was Sarah Brown’s and her own.


  5. Lobsel Vith, 11 March, 2012:

    I would rather see TB come on as a new character to avoid the Sonny and Jason mess. I would prefer to see TB and TK paired up, and free from the Sason garbage that dominated so much of GH.

  6. tamara obscura, 15 March, 2012:


    I am so tired of seeing past actors coming back as new characters. Tamara’s been through that before with DOOL. People hated her as Ava and as Taylor. As a Tamara Braun fan, I want her back as Carly…the real Carly and the only actress who has played the part to bring any substance to it. Call me partial. They could bring her back as Carly and Ted back as Lorenzo and make a real honest try at making them a couple. That is if Carlivati and Valentini really wanted to.


  7. Jacqui Deacon, 14 March, 2012:

    Has Laura spoke negatively about Tamara? I’ve tried to Google but found nothing. I have heard before that Laura has been playing Carly as Sara Brown but I’m thinking along the lines of “Tamara was an awful Carly” direct way. (I hope you know where I’m getting at!)

    I would’ve replied sooner but was busy taking care of my sister before she recently passed. Please forgive my tardiness.

  8. tamara obscura, 15 March, 2012:


    There have been things I’ve read on the internet where LW has been condescending about Tamara’s protrayal. Laura seems to forget that there were four years in between her taking over the part and Sarah leaving. Those four years included some of the greatest growth in the character of Carly. I for one was a Sarah Brown fan and really felt that Tamara wouldn’t be able to cut it. I was wrong. Tamara did for Carly what I’d hoped Sarah would. That was bring Carly into womanhood. Laura has just seemed to regress the character back to a selfish twit. Wright went on record as having said, “I’m going to be playing my Carly closer to the original.” Fine if there had been no Tamara Braun. But there was. Sorry to have to tell Wright this but she can’t forget Tamara was there, even if Guza and Frons liked to conveniently forget.

    No worries. Real life always takes precedence over the internet stuff. I’m so sorry for your loss. Accept my condolences. Take care.


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