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Here finally is Tamara’s episode for today. Sorry it took me so long to get up, but I had dinner to get for my partner and I had a bit of an issue in ripping the clip. So Carly became a doctor! Too bad they didn’t do this back in 2005 when Tamara was making her decision to leave the show. Perhaps she might have been convinced to stay so we’d have a good Carly instead of a regressed soccer mom. Tamara was really rocking that ponytail today. Loved it to pieces. Reminds me of a scene from 2004 where Tamara was wearing a similar ponytail in some scenes with Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos). I have an issue, though with Dr. Kim’s being the one to do the ultrasound on Maxie (Kirsten Storms). I don’t know about anyone else but at a teaching hospital it’s the technicians who usually do the imaging of patients. Rarely if ever does the specialist do the actual history and work. When I went to an OBGYN I never saw her. I had the resident do my endometrial biopsy and botch it so bad I had cramps for at least two or three days after. She didn’t do it well so I had to finally have my family doctor do it. In the whole appointment with the OBGYN specialist I never saw the actual doctor. So again not sure why Dr. Kim was doing the testing. Ah well…… It’s a soap opera.

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  1. Joel says:

    I felt like yesterday’s episode was great for Tamara as Kim; she was interacting with new characters and actors, and she really is beginning to shine. Love that we have a full-time female doctor at GENERAL HOSPITAL. As for why Kim was doing the ultrasound; in today’s soap climate, I doubt they can expend money for an extra to do anything but check vitals, hence why Amy was likely there.

    Cannot wait to see where the character of Kim can and will go. The long-term potential is great for Tamara as Kim.

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