My apologies for not updating over the weekend. I had the post all written then for some stupid inexplicable reason, I deleted it. Dumb I know….. I’m also still feeling under the weather. This intestinal bug is just hanging on for dear life and making my life a misery. But as they say, onwards and upwards. Can I say how much I’ve loved Tamara in the last couple of days. I adored how she told Erica off. Her “ten husbands” comment had me on the floor giggling with glee. And the way Zach (Thorsten Kaye) stood up for Reese to Erica. Priceless! And today with Reese’s comment about Bianca and hotel room beds is like “Princess and the pea”. Good all around. I’m a happy camper. I’d have to say though, Tamara had me in tears. Her scenes as Reese with Gabby were just heartbreaking. And I truly have to say that Bianca was being a bit of a snoot today accusing Reese of wanting to be with Zach. I could have smacked her! I do understand Bianca’s been let down by her past relationships, but Reese isn’t one of those. She’s here to stay and that’s what makes me sad for someone like Bianca. She doesn’t see the Golden Reese (a play on the golden fleece) she has. I really do wish they’d played out Reese’s returning to Paris. To make Bianca have to do some fast apologizing. With the return of Kendall (Alicia Minshew) due this week and according to the preview (you’ll find it in the sidebar), it looks like it’s going to be a big week for the Kane/Montgomery/Slater family so any type of Reese/Bianca angst is going to take a backseat. There was a very nice letter in last week’s Soap Opera Weekly about Tamara and Eden. I’ll inlude here:PUBLIC OPINIONBravo, AMC!I am writing about hte recent storyline involving Reese and Bianca on All My Children. I am a new fan of AMC, having come aboard as a lifetime As the World Turns fan. I started watching AMC when all of my friends kept telling me a groundbreaking story was about to start, and I haven’t been able to stop watching since. I am so addicted! Not only do I absolutely love Reese and Bianca and their story, but several other storylines, as well. I want to see much more of Reese and Bianca, and watch them in a successful relationship. So far, the writers have done a brilliant and sensitive job portraying a same-sex relationship, and I can’t say enough about the actresses. Please keep Tamara Braun and Eden Riegel on the show!Tammy, via e-mailI’ll be including the link to Friday’s screencaps and media in this posting. [ 306 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 01/09/2009 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 01/12/2009 “ALL MY CHILDREN [ 385 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 01/07/2009 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 01/12/2009 “ALL MY CHILDREN [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 01/12/2009 PREVIEW

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  1. I just remember a long time ago, a article about Agnes Nixon about how she created the Bianca character and gave her a blessing or a curse in disguise. Bianca is to be the opposite of her mom and her sister in many ways. The selfishness comes through at times, but she was to take more from the Montgomery side than the Kane. Agnes wanted a core character to be gay and pushed the idea to make Bianca a gay character. The most important thing Agnes gave Bianca was not her being a lesbian but a shield perhaps that other characters on AMC do not have. Agnes was adamant that Bianca not be made into a villian no matter what. She is never entirely at fault and always has a justifiable reason to lash out or be upset. Agnes wanted that for Bianca because she did not want a gay character be bashed in any way on the show. The flip side is other characters are sacrificed for Bianca. Every AMC writer has stayed loyal to the special "shield" that Agnes Nixon gave her. Agnes being an advisor to AMC, she is very much involved concerning Bianca. I can bet when Kendall wakes up and finds out about Gabby. Bianca will not be fully blamed or really attacked for it. Zach will likely be the one sacrificed instead of Bianca. Agnes is extremely protective of the Bianca character.

  2. Cher: That's great background on the character. I did not know that. But like you said, it's a blessing or a curse. I think by not allowing Bianca to have her flaws despite the fact she's a lesbian, sort of diminishes her as a believable character. I know for me, I'm less inclined to like her because of her insensitivity towards Reese. Setting a trap for someone who has only been loving to her makes her a bit of a spoiled princess. As for Zach being the fallguy, I think they're setting it up for Reese to be the fall person. I can just see it. Erica already has it out for Reese even though Opal has stated she felt nothing negative coming from her. What I don't like is that once again, Pratt is writing Tamara's character as the one who's done harm to Bianca. I know you haven't seen Tamara as Carly, it was standard operating procedure during her four and a half years on GH for her to constantly apologizing to Sonny (Maurice Benard). I just am getting tired of it here. I had hoped Pratt would have changed his tune. The same thing happened on DOOL with Tamara as Ava Vitali. The whole town turned on her and it was as if everything was her fault. This was under Dena Higley. I was hoping I wouldn't see it here. What I'm loving about Reese is that she's a real character. As Tamara plays her, I feel Reese could be walking down the street beside me she's that real. And of course, Tamara plays everything on her sleeve.

  3. 😉 I love the Reece vs Erica Kane. I admit I am selfish and I don't want them to get along for awhile. TB and SL just rock it together. I expect nothing less from Erica Kane and enjoy seeing Reece stand her ground. It was hilarious when Erica compared Reece to Krystal. That is just classic from Erica.

  4. Cher: Ah, but you are cruel. Making it more difficult for my Reese. LOL!!! I love the scenes between Tamara and Susan. They're good foils, though Erica should lay off of my girl. 🙂

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