I wanted to share this with Tamara’s fans. In the latest edidion of Soap Opera Digest, there is a letter from a fan who had this to say:GIRL POWERWords cannot express how amazed I’ve been by ALL MY CHILDREN’s Eden Riegel (Bianca) and Tamara Braun (Reese) recently. The range of emotions from both actresses from anger to hurt, is what makes their story real and relatable to the audience. I applaud AMC for making the effort to showcase that Bianca and Reese are not a picture-perfect couple because they, too, have issues that still need to be addressed to solidify their loving relationship. TJ, New YorkHad to share this with you. It seems Tamara and Eden are affecting how people view this storyline. I loved what TJ had to say about how real the actresses are making the story. I couldn’t agree more. Alongside all the other stuff they’re dealing with in terms of Zach’s brooding over Kendall’s condition and the whole thing surrounding Josh’s holding Reese hostage, I’d say that that word ‘real’ has been used many, many, many times in most of the positive things I’ve read both in print an online, speaks to the fact that lesbian/gay love is just as normal as hetero loe. Kudos to Tamara and Eden for showing us that. On another note, I thought I’d share with you what Tamara said about the upcoming spoiler about Zach catching Reese in the altogether. In the same SOD issue, Tamara said this: “There’s nothing between them but a close friendship.”That should put all those ugly things circulating on the internet about Reese being ‘bi-sexual/after Zach/after Kendall’s life/being a woman named Heather/a secret member of the Cambias family/a secret scheamer’ and any other number of silly comments to rest. Thanks Tamara for keeping to your guns and continuing to be true to both yours and Reese’s hearts.


  1. I love TB and how dedicated she is to telling the Bianca and Reese story. She is the only reason that even with the craziest spoilers, her comments and spoiling the spoilers have helped alot. TB is not allowing Pratt's seemingly love of putting Reese and Zach in more awkward positions to hurt the fans who support Bianca and Reese. I just get the feeling that TB is a professional but could not be happy with having to do that new awkward moment. She is just too passionate about the Bianca and Reese story to be pleased with having to do it. I admire her alot.

  2. Cher: Given Tamara\'s former relationship with Pratt on GH, I\'m sure Tamara got certain assurances before finally accepting. One thing about this woman, she\'s very passionate about telling the stories she does. She is all about the truth of the story rather than the sensationalistic aspects. Certainly there has to be the awkwards moments during her ride here on AMC, but in telling this kind of story, she wants to be true. I think the quote I used on the new banner is very indicative of how she feels about this storyline. More or less she\'s saying, we can teach people about this thing even though it might be hard to accept, at least there\'s the attempt to tell it truthfully. That\'s what I love about her. And I know that Thorsten Kaye won\'t allow the sanctity of Zach and Kendall\'s fanbase to be moved or shaken by anything that might hurt them. Again, solely awkward rather than sensational.

  3. I am so glad Tamara and Eden are telling this story. Much credit to Tamara for doing this so well. It is hard to tell that this is her first time playing a lesbian character. Most actresses would not be able to do as well. I hope Pratt can get both ER and TB to extend.

  4. Cher: I think what's exceptional is that we're living in a time where this story CAN be told. I'm thinking of the most recent article (https://tamara-braun.com/press/2009/01122009_hopeandchange.php) where Tamara talks about electing Barack Obama. In his words, "Yes we can" talk about these issues of straight/gay/lesbian issues without having to drive it back into the closet. As for this being the first time with Tamara playing a lesbian character, it goes to her training as an actress. Most of the good actors have gone to a theatre school that teaches them to break down the barriers between who they are and what the dictates of the character needs. Tamara went to RADA (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) in Britain and there they teach you that you have to open up and accept all aspects of whatever the character throws at you. If that means playing a lesbian, then one has to be open to that. And I truly do think Tamara is more than open to it. She's excited about telling this story. It's as if she HAS to tell this story with Eden's help. I'm just happy there are soe viewers who are open to what they have to say.

  5. Tracy: WOW! You\\\’re more than welcome. It was my pleasure to show the support Tamara and Eden have. How did you know I\’d posted it? Thanks for writing to SOD and for stopping by. Take care and be safe.

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