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I’m sure most of you are aware I haven’t uploaded in a very long time. The last time was back in July 2018 from GENERAL HOSPITAL. The reasons are this, as I stated in this post Is Ava Vitali Alive And Back From The Dead?, I had a hard drive crash. The result was a bad drive due to Dell computers’ way of using used parts in their repairs. If you plan on getting a Dell and plan on buying an extended warranty I urge you to seek other coverage for your computer needs. Their parts are refurbished and really don’t hold up well under the constant strain of a computer’s day-to-day using. All of my files were on that failed hard drive. I was able to get my computer fixed in terms of having a brand new hard drive installed, however, the downside is whatever is on the old hard drive is sort of in limbo. I’ve done some investigating and found out the cost of the recovery of all the files including my extensive research for my three novels I’m working on, many personal photos of my family, music I cannot get again, and all of the files needed to be able to update Tamara’s GENERAL HOSPITAL work are on there. Since I’m on a fixed budget and most of my extra money goes to paying domain fees and webshoting, I’ve set up a GoFundMe to try to accommodate that task. If you would like to donate please feel free to there.

So next thing Webhosting and websites: This site has become enormous as you know. With all the screencaps and video uploads my host was threatening to shut me down due to the demands of serving up the various files for a site as big as this one. There was also the matter of my many websites being hacked. I’m still trying to get all of mine cleaned up as those pages that have been compromised at no risk to your viewing, are causing a strain on the servers of the shared hosting I have. My being here at Bravenet for the last 14 years hasn’t given me any leeway as far as loyalty is concerned. I had to more or less beg in order for them not to shut me down. Also on this server are my Ted King Online and my Stephen Nichols Online sites. Given the amount of screencaps dedicated to their soap opera work alone all three sites are sizeable. Right now I’m trying to figure out my options of whether to keep all three sites here at Bravenet, or move them, an undertaking I’m not willing to deal with since it would take a lot to copy files and make sure all have been moved properly. So right now they’ve put a cap on the amount I can upload. Since the video files alone are big I can’t upload any videos that are too big. The average eight minute video is about 500MB in size and the server having to serve that file size over and over again puts the aforementioned strain on the servers. Until I figure out what’s going on there won’t be any video or screencap uploads. I deeply apologize for that. I will keep you updated either here or on the site’s official Twitter page here: Tamara Braun Online On Twitter . You can follow us over there if you like. I am continuing to record GENERAL HOSPITAL and have continued to clip up Tamara’s work as Kim Nero as well as keeping up on the screencapping, but again with the issues I’m having with my webhost I cannot upload. And that bums me out. I also have many new images I wish I could upload, but not yet. I also have many magazine articles I’ve been collecting but a lot of what I had was on the bad hard drive. I’m continuing to collect magazine articles from the various publications concerning Tamara, but again I cannot upload them. I might try getting the text and thumbnail done for the press section, but we’ll see on that.

I’ve also been dealing with health issues for myself as well as my partner. We’ve both had many issues that have included three hospitalizations for her last year as well as my vertigo issue that is still ongoing, I’ve had many other issues including quite a bad infection that has needed heavy antibiotics that have left me pretty knackered. I’ve been to the emergency ward three times this year with these issues. I’ve also had some emotional issues dealing with those health issues as well as dealing with the death of my mom in 2015. I’m not out of the woods yet and neither is my partner. So that again has been taking a fair bit of my stamina. I’m not doing too bad right now, but again I’m still not one hundred percent. I’m also trying to get whatever I can remember of my research materials for my novels reclaimed from memory and try to reconstruct from what I have of back ups I have on other drives. Again that good ole stamina.

Lastly, I want to say is this site isn’t going anywhere. And I’m sorry for the extended downtime earlier in the year. That couldn’t be helped. My hosting (as it is) is up in October of this year and I’m about to renew both TAMARA-BRAUN.COM and TAMARABRAUN.ORG so they’re still active. Please do continue to visit the gallery, media, press, and filmography sections as they will remain up just not updated for now. Thank you for sticking around and for remaining loyal to Tamara. Please know I’m trying to rectify the webhosting issues as well as trying to keep healthy. Take care and be safe. Love Dianne.

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  1. If your video files are too large, try converting them to mp4 files. They are smaller and take up less space than any other video file.

    1. Mackenzie:

      My apologies for not having seen this comment. There’s been a lot going on in order to transfer the site and my attentions have been elsewhere. I do rip all my vids in mp4 format. The problem was my former host was getting dicky about how much space I was taking up in terms of both this and where the media, press, and filmography sections are housed. I’ve moved the site to another host and here we are. I’m hoping I don’t have any further issues with space.

      Take care.


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