I just wanted to let you know that some exciting news is coming up with Tamara and a project she’s working on. Debby O’Connor, Tamara’s fan club president, has given me permission to post this to her fans. I’ll have some more information when Debby allows me to post it. So keep checking back.


    1. Noreen:

      I know what it is but for now I’ve been told to keep silent until I get the go ahead to announce it here. It might not be what her fans want, but it’s something big for Tamara. That’s all I care about.


  1. Her fan club says it’s a theater production set for this spring. The notice was sent out the other day to members with more details to follow later. Sadly I don’t live in the Los Angeles area or anywhere in California so probably won’t get to see it. 🙁

    1. Cheryl:

      Was that notification sent out via email or snailmail?



  2. I got it via email. If you don’t have it and would like it let me know and I will send it privately, okee-doke?

    1. Sara:

      I don’t care what Tamara is doing as long as it makes her happy and fulfills her creatively. I’m thinking of all the actors I really like and most of them have gone back to theatre to hone their skills. Tamara is no different.


  3. That’s wonderful for Tamara! Theatre is challenging so I’m sure that drew her toward this project. I won’t get to see her, but knowing her excellent talent, she will be great! Plus there’s the Pretty Rosebud movie to look forward to and I still have yet to find that other movie she did where she’s the femme fatale, Devil’s something, I think. I still hope that she will somehow pop up on GH though, I would love to see her back as Carly!!

    1. CeRon:

      I’m so happy for her. She started at the Piven Theatre in Chicago so this is such great news. I’m bummed I won’t get to see her either, but it’s her happiness that I’m most concerned with. I’m still not finding too much on “Pretty Rosebud”. When I do I’ll post. As for “Limbo Lounge” the one where she plays Anya, I’ve been looking for any information on a possible DVD release, but so far nada. Damn Tamara for doing projects that are hard to find. LOL!!! Seeing her back as Carly goes without saying. I’d love to see her return, but considering the fact that soaps are dying a painful death, I really don’t want her back on a medium that didn’t know how to utilize her to being with. Her last go as Taylor on DOOL really left me jaded on soaps. With how her run as Reese went on AMC and as Taylor, I would really love it if she could find something regular on primetime or cable. I’d kill to see her on something like “True Blood” with her friend Carrie Prestion or something like “Sons of Anarchy” as the daughter of the Mitch Pileggi character of Earnest Darby. That would make me tickled pink. But in all seriousness, I just want Tamara doing what makes her happy. That’s what her fans should hope for I think.


  4. Tamara in a play…I love the theatre…this is exciting news….I had a feeling this might be the project Tamara was working on…More details please Dianne as they …come in.

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