Tamara’s “Necessary Roughness” Episode

I’m in the process of getting Tamara’s episode of NECESSARY ROUGHNESS converted, capped, and clipped. Because I live in Canada I had to stream it and it’s been a bit of a process to get a copy worth using. Please be patient while this happens. In the meantime I’ve mocked up a proof sheet so you can at least see what she looked like. I’ve chosen some of her main scenes. You can click on the smaller version to look at the larger. I know this wasn’t what you were expecting but it’s the only thing I have at the moment. I do promise I’ll have Tamara’s whole scenes and the caps for you sometime tomorrow. Keep checking back. Onto what I thought of her. Tamara had a lot of Rose from FREDDIE in her. She had a lot of that kind of quirkiness, and as Tamara said in her most recent newsletter to her fans, an inappropriateness to her. She was funny and lively. I loved her wardrobe and her hair. She just looked luminous as you’ll see when you click on the proof sheet. My own personal favourite part, the one with the devil horns. So cute. I’m still a little unsure as to whether this is just a one-off or if Tamara will be back. Here’s hoping it’s more than one episode. If you want to tweet the powers that be at the show to tell them how much you loved seeing Tamara, you can do so here @NecRoughness.

Tamara Braun plays Ronnie Santino in the USA series 'Necessary Roughness' episode The Fall Guy.

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  1. Hey, dont worry-its the best you can do and Im sure most of us are just glad (and lucky) that we have you and this fantastic site to keep up on things “Tamara”. Thanks for the pics and she does look sassy and cute! ~::MM::~

  2. Thank you Diane…I guess we will get this episode sometime in Canada…meantime I love the pictures…Tamara looks wonderfull.you made my day.

    1. Noreen:

      Check out the new post there. We will eventually get the episode here, but not likely till the end of the year. Showcase I believe is carrying the first half of the season. And yes, Tamara looks lovely. And you’re more than welcome my friend.


  3. Love this site, I thank and appreciate you for it. I’m an huge fan of Tamara Braun, she has really changed my life seriously! I love her work and spirit. I one I hope to tell her about my testimony. Anyway thanks again for this site. God bless, A.K.A Rev

    1. Temega:

      Thanks so much for your kind compliments. I’m glad I’m here for Tamara’s fans to provide all the most recent up-do-date material on her career and I’ll be here for the forseeable future. I also agree with you on Tamara changing one’s life. I know she has mine.

      Take care and come back often.


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