“General Hospital” 2018 Backlog

I’m trying to get Tamara’s episodes for GENERAL HOSPITAL cleaned up from the severe backlog. I’m sorry for them not being up when they aired, but I sort of got a bit demoralized because I so want Tamara playing Carly. While I watch I love seeing Tamara, but I don’t see Kim and never will. I see Carly as a doctor. Something that should have happened since Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) works at the hospital. A progression of Carly’s character should have been for her to go back to get some sort of medical training after he showing up in Port Charles as a physio therapist. I don’t think it would be that hard to take a leap to say that Carly could become a doctor and I know that’s something Tamara would have loved for Carly. So there’s that. Also to let you know while I’m trying to get caught up, I have a lot of personal things going on right now so it might not be as quickly as you like. It took me the better part of the day to get July 2018 done. Also I do have some scans to go up in the gallery. Those will be up as time permits. Right now I’m concentrating on the backlogged episodes and screencaps. You can find everything located at the links below. And by the way I’m post-dating the episodes to the dates they aired to keep the continuity of the storyline.

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