Tamara – 12/09/2020 “Days of our Lives” HD Screencaps & Media

OMG! Was Tamara on fire today or what? Methinks our girl is working her way towards her third Emmy. I love Ava so much and I love seeing Tamara just work everything from the sets, to her wardrobe. It is a pleasure to watch her work. If I had only one gripe about today’s episode I think it would be I’m tired of the strangling of people. With Steve (Stephen Nichols) doing it the last time Tamara was on and now Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), it makes it seem as if that is the only thing the writers can do to show animosity. Ron C. Carlivati please stop this.

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  1. Tamara Braun (Ava) was on point in this episode, and you can tell she was enjoying herself. Ava constantly calling Kayla “honey” was everything to me. She paraded herself around the apartment in such a way that it was beyond enchanting. Ron Carlivati and company have returned Ava to form, and Braun is living up in it.

    1. Joel:

      Perfectly said. I cannot get over how Tamara is just killing her scenes. I’m hoping for Emmy #3 for her for all these gifts she’s giving us. And every single snide remark at “sweetness” makes me love her more.


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