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Once again, I’m tardy with the update. Computer troubles plus some issues with converting the raw video file to be able to clip it up to add to OBSCURE MEDIA. Also with getting dinner and other stuff ….. Onto today’s episode. Eden Riegel and Bianca fans, you might want to look away for this post. Can I say that Bianca is an obsolute wraith? Along with yesterday’s episode where she asked Reese, “What’s wrong with you,” and today’s badgering about issues that had nothing whatsoever to do with her life after Reese met Bianca. Just because someone is as open as Bianca was about her sexuality as well as her prior relationships, doesn’t mean others have to be. Reese didn’t want to tell Bianca about Simon and that should have been it. Also, it was none of Bianca’s business whether Reese and Simon slept together. That’s part of Reese’s past. And instead of understanding Reese’s position on her parents by saying something, oh I don’t know, supportive like, “After meeting your father, I can see why you didn’t want to tell me about them. He was totally unable to understand anything outside his own world.” But instead what did Bianca do, she badgered Reese to the point that once again, with shades of General Huspital’s Carly, Reese was reduced to apologizing profusely about something that Bianca injected herself into. Now of course, there’ll be strife again later this week when Reese and Zach (Thorsten Kaye) reveal to Bianca what they know about Kendall’s condition. So once again, Reese will be reduced to the requisite prostrating. Tell me again why as a Tamara/Reese fan, I should be happy? My hope is that Chucky Pratt Jr. doesn’t continue this much longer. It could get tedious.BTW: The preview for this week is tacked onto the end of the clip plus you can find it in the FEATURED VIDEO in the sidebar to the left. [ 219 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 12/15/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 12/15/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN”Preview Week of 12/15/2008

11 Responses to “TAMARA OBSCURA II 12/15/2008”
  1. Alisha says:

    While I respect your opinion very much (and love this website) and I'm going based on what I know of AMC and Bianca…I think yesterdays scenes were done well, with the material presented, on both parts. Tamara totally rocked as Reese and so did Eden as Bianca. But hey it's a soap…the writing sucks at times. I don't think Bianca's character is right nor do I think Reese's character is right. I think knowing that your fiance was engaged before..should have been talked about previous. I think it is sugnificant to know a partner's previous engagements. If I had a girlfriend (yes I'm gay) that didn't tell me about her previous engagement (to a man or woman) I would have been a little p.o.'d! The ridiculous prediciments that soap writers put charters in! haha! But…again, as someone who didn't know Tamara before AMC I think she's doing excellent and I'm glad to know about her. I think her talents keep showing more and more everyday (just get Reese away from Zach!! Grr) So it's all good. If you haven't watched Eden's performance during the whole rape and Miranda ordeal I suggest you do (it's available on youtube.) She is amazing. And I'm going to watch Tamara as Carly on GH so I can see more of her work. Anyway I can't wait to watch more and read more here! 🙂

  2. sf says:

    It didn't bother me that much for a few reasons 1) Past storylines for Bianca explain why she would be a bit touchy about Reese having a history with men and possibly concealing it 2) Given this is a short-term story arc for these 2 there has to be conflict that can be resolved quickly and hashing out the unknown past works well for that. 3) Since the overall theme for this story is to trace obstacles a same-sex couple would face and educate less open-minded viewers it seems they are attempting to hit the high points in the time alotted. As you noted previously, message boards are full of random grassy knolls about this character and if it takes some contrived butting in and suspicion on the part of the character of Bianca to allow the character of Reese to affirm her sexuality/committment to the relationship, that's fine with me. Hopefully it will quiet some of the fan base who have issues and at least it appears that all will settled by next week. 4)As a fan of soaps, sometimes you have to tune out the big picture/writing and just appreciate the performances and man did Tamara knock it out of the park. Is she insanely talented, or what? Sorry for such a long response! Once agian, thanks for taking the time to keep this site running!

  3. CC says:

    With all due respect, no matter what material Eden Riegel is given, she's always aces. She and Tamara were excellent yesterday and I found it refreshing to see a soap couple talking about their problems rather than going on a drinking binge, sleeping with someone else or breaking up at the drop of a hat. Going against your partner's wishes or withholding information are equally hurtful but hey, people do the same things in real life. I don't think either Bianca or Reese is blameless in all this but they're hanging on to eachother and that's what counts.

  4. Tamara Obscura says:

    Alisha: My issue with the last two days with Reese and Bianca is that, it's all being blamed on Reese. It's all Reese's fault. I don't have issue with Eden, but with what was written for Bianca to say. Her comment: "What wrong with you?" Just hit me wrong. I didn't like how condescending Bianca was being toward Reese, this woman that despite her not blabbing everything to Binx, has shown her love and devotion to in more than one way. And going to Reese's father was out of line, totally. It wasn't Bianca's place to go to see Forrest. I also wish that Bianca had said to Reese, "Yeah, I know you asked me not to go see your father…but now I understand what you were up against." That's all I wanted. Not hurling accusations at Reese for keeping something from Bianca that wasn't any of Bianca's business. That's all. And I have looked at Eden's scenes with the rape, and I truly do think she's a good actress, I truly do…but hey, I'm a Tamara Braun fan and I support Reese. LOL!!!! As for keeping Reese away from Zach, I don't think there's ever a chance they're going to pair Tamara with Thorsten. So I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

  5. cher says:

    I really have alot of respect for TB and Eden. They did an amazing job together. I did cringe when she asked if Reece slept with Simon. I did not like that writing, but it is a very Bianca thing to do unfortunately. I admire TB continuing to defend Bianca and Reese love for one another. The fact that TB continues to stand up for the storyline she signed up for, shows what a truly admirable actress she is. I hope both Eden and TB come out of this with what they wanted to achieve.

  6. Tamara Obscura says:

    SF: 1) My issue was with how Bianca said what she did. The "What is wrong with you," just hit me the wrong way. 2) I understand why Bianca would be touchy, but not confrontational. Reese did nothing wrong by keeping that away from her. Reese it looks like is trying to perfect, the way her mother likely taught her to be. 3) While I admire the dedication of both Tamara and Eden to this story, I just want it to be told with some truth. I just didn't like how really hard Bianca was being with Reese to something that really should be moot. Reese didn't marry Simon, instead, ran because of him and her orientation. And I loved your 'grassy knoll' comment. Perfect. 4) While I'm loving Tamara in this storyline, my biggest concern is her past with Charles Pratt. It seems that every other day Reese has to apologize for something. This happened almost daily while she was Carly on GH. I just don't want to see it happen here. And no 'sorries' needed. I want to encourage discussion. Thanks for the well, thought out response. Most welcome.

  7. Tamara Obscura says:

    CC: It's not Eden I'm having issue with. It's what is being given Eden to say. And yes, both ladies were exceptional. But what Reese held back isn't enough for Bianca to be say to her that she felt humiliated at Forrest telling her about Simon. Bianca shouldn't have gone against Reese's wishes and gone to talk to him in the first place. So in essence, Bianca went against Reese's wishes. Why shouldn't Bianca get her hands slapped for that one? I just didn't like how Bianca was being toward Reese. Given I'm a Tamara Braun fan, that's my concern that Reese not be Pine Valley's whipping girl. And yes, it is refreshing that there isn't the requisite break-up like there is on so many soaps. But then, that's what I've noticed about AMC, it isn't like other soaps. Kudos to Julie Hannan Carruthers and cast and crew.

  8. Tamara Obscura says:

    Cher: As a Bianca fan, I\’m so glad you agree that it wasn\’t right for Binx to ask about whether Reese and Simon had slept together. And yes, Tamara is very much behind the reality of this storyline. She signed to play this storyline. I will guarantee you, if anything changes, she\’ll bolt. She had no plans on coming back to soaps after her stint as Ava Viatli on DOOL ended. Read the article in the \”On the Stands\” section on the sidebar to the left and this article here (her exit interview from DOOL): http://tamara-braun.com/press/2008/06032008_allaboutava.php, from June of 2008. She wasn\’t too happy with how her storyline with Stephen Nichols ended.

  9. Cher says:

    Thank You, after hearing about what you have said about TB makes me feel alot better about where this storyline will go. I am not sure if you are aware of a new spoiler concerning Zach and Reese. It seems to be another of Pratt's bad stunts. Honestly, I have never really cared for any storyline on AMC until the Bianca/Reese one. I know it is a soap, but for me it will mean alot to finally see a lesbian love story be told. It is getting tiring of Pratt continuing dump Zach on Bianca and Reese. TB and Eden both have the amazing talent to carry the storyline on their own. They deserve better. But, I will do my best to put my fears aside and trust the kind of honorable actress that I have learned TB to be.

  10. Tamara Obscura says:

    Cher: Given too Tamara's prior experience with Pratt, I can tell you, she'll make him honour this storyline. Sure there's a lot of Reese/Zach/Bianca angst, but I feel that will be rectified when Alicia Minshew returns for good. Though I'm dreading how Kendall will react to Reese and Gabby. Pratt's a hack, like Bob Guza on GH. I know for Tamara if this story doesn't go as as she was pitched it would, she won't stay after her four months. And my guess is neither will Eden. But always fear with Chucky Pratt. He'll disappoint. He did with my favourite pairing on GH with Carly and Lorenzo. He and Guza did that pairing a great disservice. Tamara is an honourable woman. She left GH because she was tired of Carly being a doormat to the men of Port Charles. She left DOOL because the storyline pitched to her with Ava and Steve didn't pan out. Take that for what you like, but trust she'll give it her all while she's there.

  11. Cher says:

    Alicia Minshew cannot return fast enough for me. 😉 I think TB and AM will have amazing scenes together. I am looking forward for more TB and Susan Lucci as well. By the way, thank you always for the response and the amazing site.

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