Tamara – 01/04/2021 “Days of our Lives” HD Screencaps & Media … The Happy New Year Edition

We begin another year here on TAMARA BRAUN ONLINE. We start our 15th year of covering Tamara’s career, events, film, television, and all of her work in the public eye. I’m very proud of this site as it was my very first, so it has a special place in my heart. We are the only site online dedicated to Tamara. As we move forward we will continue to do as we’ve done and keep on posting photos, screencaps, videos, press articles, and whatever else concerns Tamara. I hope you’ll stay along for the ride and keep on supporting Tamara and her work. Here’s hoping 2021 is way better than 2020 was. Here’s hoping you’re all well and staying sane in this weird world. My love and best to you always.

Onto what you came here for. Charlie (Mike Manning) is being downright diabolical using Ava’s worst fears against her. Seriously I can hardly wait to see Ava get out of Charlie’s apartment. She probably needs a good shower and likely needs to go to the bathroom. I’m truly hoping Charlie is allowing her to use the privy.

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  1. As brilliant as Tamara Braun has been during this storyline, I do feel as if it is dragging on and on, and I do hope it ends sooner rather than later, because her talents are being wasted on a chair and with a scarf masquerading as a mouth guard.

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