“Kombucha Cure” to Get Second Season

Tamara’s streaming show KOMBUCHA CURE has been greenlit to get a second season. According to the director, Cecilia Choi, in a recent interview, she gives some enlightenment on what season two will encompass. I have to say the show is really good. It takes the punch out of the healthcare insurance industry who puts money over and above patients and their health. You can watch season one on KOMBUCHA CURE ON POPSTAR TV. Here’s what Choi has to say on what will happen in season two. To read the entire article, please click on the source link.

Director Cecilia Choi Talks About New Series ‘Kombucha Cure’ And Teases Storyline For Season 2

We hear that a season two is confirmed! Can you tease what fans can expect from the second season?

Choi: “We continue to follow the Kombucha Cure team as they flounder through trying to help other communities that have been left behind by the bigger healthcare systems. The stakes are higher as their success in helping these smaller communities gains national attention.”



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