As you can tell, I’ve done a site update…or overhaul as the case may be. I know the image of Tamara is from 2004 during her Carly years, but hey, it’s Tamara! I hope you enjoy the new design and the new doodads I’ve added. I’ve still got a lot to replace from the other template, but I’ll be working on that throughout the weekend. I also have some new things to add to the gallery and OBSCURE MEDIA and I’ll be back with those likely Sunday at the latest. I’ve also updated the Featured Video for you. I thought we’d enjoy Tamara’s award winning performance from her indie film LITTLE CHENIER as Marie-Louise LeBauve in preparation for her upcoming role in SAVING GRACE. So enjoy. Yours, Dianne


I just wanted to drop a little note to let you know that the coding issues are almost fixed. Happy news….yes? Not so fast. Seems my brand spanking new computer has developed a little glitch and has to go back to the shop to have a hardware issue fixed. After this posting, I’ll be packing it back up and bidding a tearful farewell for about 4-7 days (the agonizing period of time I’ll be parted from him). So until then, there will be no real updates or additions…. I know, like there’ve been any for a while! Yeah, I got the evil eyes burning through cyberspace. but I got your numbers…. So until baby comes home, I’ll either be in denile, withdrawal, or an institution of my partner’s choosing. (Think Alice Cooper’s From the Inside album and the song “The Quiet Room” …. The Quiet Room/Is sterilized and white). I’ll be checking in periodically to my email account to see if there’s anything I should see to through my partner’s computer. Anything pressing will be answered. Just no major updates. Take care. Dianne


I just wanted to give the heads up that I’ll be working on the site this weekend. Nothing will be down, but I want to tweak some of the pages and get some coding that will be easier to work with than what I currently have. As I said, nothing will be down. I’m also in the process of getting some new material up in the form of articles, photos, and other things. So again, so sorry for the lack of updates. As for the tweaking, don’t worry if you see things happening that don’t look right. It’s just me toiling around in the background. Take care.


“Lean on me, when you’re not strong/And I’ll be your friend/I’ll help you carry on/For it won’t be long/’Til I’m gonna need/Somebody to lean on”


“Take another piece of my heart now baby….”


I have no words for today’s show other than Tamara was just heartbreaking. I cried I was so moved by what she gave us today. When Zach (Thorsten Kaye) was reading that letter, I just about jumped through the screen to hold Reese. I can state categorically, with what Bianca said to Reese before she left and with today’s letter, I can state I really don’t want Reese and Bianca back together. Bianca hasn’t shown any kind of compassion where it comes to Reese. There were two comments during the breakup that made me dislike Bianca and thsoe were the one where she said to Reese, “You’re a disgrace to your family,” and the one about feeling like she’d been raped again, and with how blithely Bianca said what she did about Reese finding peace at some point with her life…. I can state I hate Bianca. I really hope that with Thorsten re-signing, there’s the chance TPTB have reconsidered this ‘happy’ ending for Reese and Bianca. I want a full on Reese and Zach pairing. He’s the only one who seems truly remorseful for what has happened to Reese. Bianca, it seems, is completely clueless to Reese’s feelings and without a huge heaping helping of some mea culpas coming from Binks, I think this couple is done. There is no excuse for those hateful words coming from Bianca’s mouth. It was quite frankly, insulting. I want more for Reese than to have to continue to pay for something she didn’t do. Sure she kissed Zach, but for me Bianca’s self-fulfilling prophecy came true. She tested, pooked and prodded until her fears became realized and she has only herself to blame. I was informed last night that OBSCURE MEDIA has completed its migration. As you can see, I’ve uploaded the video for today. I’m hoping to clip up some of the remaining clips left to do. I’ll post as I get them done.