There was a preview of February Sweeps on during today’s non-Tamara show. I clipped it up and added it to OBSCURE MEDIA and it is also in the sidebar to the left. I also got some screencaps from it for you. Enjoy.


I’m about to pull my best Keith Olbermann or Ben Affleck here, so here it goes…..I know there are some who’ve been wanting me to comment on the recent rumors floating around the net about the status of Tamara’s contract with ALL MY CHILDREN and the news that Eden Riegel is leaving this month when her contract ends, but Tamara is staying on. I’ve been asked what this means in terms of the ‘groundbreaking’ storyline AMC is trying to tell. This is all I know, according to SOAP OPERA DIGEST, this is what will happen:Bianca/Reese/Greenlee Cover Story Everyone is in Connecticut for the double wedding of Bianca/Reese & Greenlee/Ryan. Kendall refuses to attend unless Bianca & Reese agree to leave PV. They do. So Kendall attends. Kendall lashes out at Bianca, Reese, & Zach at the wedding rehearsal & gives a nasty toast. Bianca and Reese get into a fight & Reese storms out. Reese starts getting drunk. Zach finds Reese and starts comforting her & they give into a passionate kiss. Ryan sees. Ryan leaves & goes back to Greenlee whose staying at a neighboring inn & tells her what he saw & that he thinks Zach & Reese had sex. Zach & Reese however didn’t & know the kiss was wrong. Ryan tells Greenlee that he doesn’t want to get married next to a couple (Bianca & Reese) that are filled with lies & have secrets between them. Greenlee agrees & in her wdding dress, she decides to go see Zach because she just can’t believe he’d ever cheat on Kendall & knows there’s an explanation. Bianca tells Erica that she refuses to leave PV because Kendall said to & Kendall says then she wants no part of the wedding. Kendall jumps into her car & Zach jumps in with her. Though Zach, Kendall, Ryan, & Greenlee are no shows, Bianca & Reese wed. Kendall & Zach are in her car fighting & Kendall is on the wrong side of the road. Greenlee is on her motorcycle driving to the church & Kendall hits Greenlee, sending her flying over a cliff. The rapid waters sweep Greenlee away and she is presumed dead. The last airdate for an alive Greenlee is the 16th. Greenlee’s final airdate is the 17th, when Kendall has a vision of her freind. Budig says she’ll miss Cammy & Alicia the most. She says she was trying to see how living bi coastal would work & it was very hard. She would like to move back to N.Y., but she has to sort it out before she can move back to NY. She hopes they never find Greenlee’s body so she can have the option of returning. I emboldened the relevant portions. The thing is, Reese and Bianca do marry. So the wedding that does take place is that of Reese and Bianca. Now, what that means in terms of longterm for this couple, I don’t know. But I want it known, I really could care less about Bianca’s character, my only focus as a webmaster for THIS website is for Tamara Braun and HER story. I’m so sick of the villainization of Reese to the point there’s no sense to what is being thrown around on the internet about her. She’s been called ‘shifty’ and ‘secretive’ though there has been nothing in Tamara’s performance to denote anything of the sort. Now to the controversial stuff. Given how quickly her story changed on Days of our Lives, what with all the Steve & Kayla fans who were bellyaching about Ava Vitali’s intrusion into their story, I’m only concerned with what Reese’s story and direction is. Like Ava, I’m feeling that Reese is crumbling due to shoddy writing and lack of vision on behalf of the writer(s) on this show. Goodness knows, Charles Pratt Jr. cannot be trusted to write a lesbian story from a woman’s perspective and his allowing this flip-flopping is disrespectful to lesbians and the bi-sexual community. I’m a bi-sexual and it didn’t take me more than to the age of four to know I liked both sexes. Why not call it what it is Mr. Pratt? Reese is a bi-sexual woman. Plain and simple. Why not tell that story instead of screwing around with this whole hate campaign from Erica and now Kendall toward Reese. Hearing that both Erica and Kendall are going to be ‘ripping’ into Reese does not make me feel as if my time invested these past few months has been worth it. What particularly galls me is that people are seeing stuff that isn’t there in order to validate their feelings on Reese. It’s not ‘cool’ to set up that Reese is this professional woman who is in love with Bianca then drop in this bomb. And it is a bomb, and I have the feeling this was planned from the beginning and I really have to wonder if Tamara knew this was going to happen. And what of her decision to stay beyond what is Reese and Bianca? I’m hoping that if Tamara is slated to have someting with Zach, it is a bonafide storyline. Given how some of us were deprived of what was supposed to be Ava and Patch, I’m not interested in something that will only result in more Reese villification. Been there, done that. If the impetus is to try out a Reese/Zach pairing, then AMC, do it right. Don’t give us Kendall and Erica being allowed to tear into her without Reese’s voice being heard. Allow her to have her say, state her case. If Reese is bi-sexual, tell us she is. Don’t give us the continued ‘is she, isn’t she’ mantra. Again, if the desire is to push a Zach and Reese pairing, do it. Don’t shy away from it because you may face a backlash, but don’t continue to tell us this is a ‘groundbreaking’ storyline when in all fact, it’s just a ploy to gain ratings. Yes, this couple needs drama, but not this kind. Not like this Mr. Pratt. I think the gay/les/bi community deserve better than this. My big belief here is that Mr. Pratt was watching the groundsmashing show “Queer as Folk” with the lesbian couple of Melanie Marcus (Michelle Clunie) and Lindsay Peterson (Thea Gill) and thought, “Oh, yeah. We should do that!” Problem is, it was cheap when Ron Cowan and Daniel Lipman did it on that show, having Lindsay have a one night stand that bordered on rape with an avant garde artist, then come home to face Melanie and have that family break up because of a stupid plot point. There was no desire to have Lindsay actually take up with the artist, it was all for nothing. So if the desire here is to have a little fling between Zach and Reese, I say don’t! There’s no need to screw this up further by having Reese again take the fall for all that is wrong in Pine Valley. I’m just waiting for Erica and Kendall to blame the tornadoes that hit Pine Valley on Reese as if she’s some sort of conjuring witch with evil powers. I personally would like to think Reese is more Serafina Pekkala from “The Golden Compass” than Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz”. Mr. Pratt, you pitched this story to Tamara. You told her it would be groundbreaking. You got her to sign on the dotted line. Don’t pull a Bob Guza and make Tamara the fool.

TAMARA OBSCURA II 02/02/2009, 01/30/2009 & 01/29/2009 ALL MY CHILDREN SCREENCAPS & MEDIA

Here is the media and screencaps from the previous days. I’ll have something to say on the whole contract thing that has been circulating the web these past few days in another post. ***NOTE*** No cappies in this post due to the ‘behindedness’ on my behalf.


“Ahhhh, wadda ya tryin’ to do? Be on time or something?”Told you I was caught up. Finally!I absolutely enjoyed the scenes with Zach (Thorsten Kaye) while he was watching Reese and Bianca (Eden Riegel) trying on their wedding dresses. I loved how Thorsten was interacting with Haley Evans who plays Miranda. I had to get the shots of Thorsten with the crayon in his mouth. As usual, the hype surrounding the ‘towel slip’ was built up as being something smarmy or calculated on Reese’s behalf, as if she did it on purpose to try to seduce Zach. It was really something innocent…however, Zach took a good long look at Reese. Interesting development indeed. This one is on Zach this time, not Reese. So any of those Reese haters and Zach lovers who think she’s after Zach, he didn’t look away now….did he?I’ve included some new articles for you to read. Enjoy.


But teacher, my dog really did …..”I used that one before, haven’t I?Some explaining here. My apologies for not having updates up for the past almost week, but I’ve had almost the entirety of the ten plagues from Egypt erupting almost simultaneously. With the water I had coming into my apartment last week from the pipe rupture in the unit above mine, to the intestinal bug I’m STILL suffering from, to my computer crashing on me last week, it’s been one hell of a few days. I’ve been working to get caught up for the episodes this week. I’ll get to the update so as not to belaver the issue….. Lots of news. I read on a couple of message boards that Tamara may have confirmed she’s leaving in April. I’m not totally sure about this, but when I find out for sure, I’ll post here. This does concur with a short-term contract of about six months, about as long as her contract on Days of our Lives ran.Reese’s mother has been cast. She’ll be played by an amazing actress named Laila Robins who’ll play Claire Williams. Ironcially, Claire was the name of the character Tamara played in the Pretender: Murder 101 episode. Laila is an accomplished Broadway actress who has been in many independent film including one called The Blood Oranges starring British actor Charles Dance. It was a really beautiful movie. If you can rent it from your local video store or from Netflix, I highly recommend it. Laila also guest starred on a very good episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit called A Single Life, playing a woman whose sister commits suicide in order to rip open the family secret that her father molested them as children. I have the episode and took the liberty of clipping up Laila’s main scenes for you to check out her work. You can find it here: L&O: SVU. Laila is also married to Robert Cuccioli, the star of the hit Frank Wildhorn/Leslie Bricusse musical Jekyll & Hyde. He played both of course. I’ll have the article listed below. My only gripe about Tamara’s short stay on AMC is that we won’t get any scenes with both Laila and Frank Runyeon with Tamara as a family. Also, we’ll never know if Reese has any siblings. I’ve also added an interview of Tamara’s to OBSCURE MEDIA that she did back in February 2008. It was a radio interview she did on Gulf Coast Radio with Walter Jay, Lou Vickery and Randy Berger. The interview was for Little Chenier and I had it up at the old OBSCURE MEDIA site and only just found it. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll have it up at the update below.I’m also in the process of moving my main files to another external drive and getting some order to my Tamara Braun files. I have so much material it’s been difficult to get it all together to get it up at both the main site and the media files up at OBSCURE MEDIA. I’m hoping to get the bulk of Tamara’s episodic television roles posted, then work on getting the rest of her ALL MY CHILDREN, DAYS OF OUR LIVES and her GENERAL HOSPITAL material up. I’ve had a few emails from visitors who’ve never seen Tamara as Carly and who are eager to see her as the former Mrs. Corinthos. I have several new articles for you to read and as usual, all the relevant scans are up in the gallery plus on the main article pages. Remember you can click on the thumbnail to bring it up larger.


Late again. What can I say? I think my name is “The Late” Dianne blah, blah, blah. So here’s the update for today.I’d like to know when exactly is Reese supposed to get some comforting? I know Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and Bianca (Eden Riegel) embraced her and gave her a small amount of notice, but then mention of Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and Josh (Colin Egglesfield) came up and suddenly she was left alone to go wherever she was going to alone. Bianca went off with Erica (Susan Lucci) and Zach went off to be with Kendall and nothing for Reese. Also I’d like to know where was the EMT care for her? She had blood on her neck. How did no one fail to see that and then where did it go later on? Zach could have possibly hit her and that’s where the blood came from, it may not have been Josh’s. I’d have thought when the EMT’s arrived or Jessie (Darnell Williams) at the least would have noticed and wanted Reese checked out at the hospital. She was clearly in a state of shock, or at tleast that’s the way Tamara played it. Reese should have been admitted for observations at the very least. Bianca got good treatment after her pseudo car crack up. Reese faced worse with Josh holding her hostage than Binks did after that car crash. In fact, Binks was so not banged up that there was no consternation in allowing her out to go back to Zach’s and talk to Reese who was packing to leave. So I ask again, when does Reese get anything else but grief from the citzens of Pine Valley? Just asking…..In this posting is the preview for this week. It’s also included in the sidebar to the left. And remember, no AMC today due to the Inauguration of Barack Obama as the United States’ 44th President of the United States of America. Congrats USA on such a great day. I’ll be watching with you from north of the border. [ 179 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 01/19/2009 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 01/19/2009 “ALL MY CHILDREN [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: ALL MY CHILDREN PREVIEW WEEK OF 01/19/2009